Black and Gold Lager - the Beer of the BURGH!


Premium Craft Lager

... the Beer of the BURGH!





Black and Gold Beer of Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh Passion Football
Official Beer of the Pittsburgh Passion Football Team


Black and Gold Premium Craft Lager is a classic medium bodied lager with great character.  This style boasts a light golden blonde color and exhibits a moderate hop palate with a clean crisp barley malt flavor .  The finish of our Lager is rich yet smooth and subtle.


There are no additives or preservatives in our beer. The ingrediants we use are of the highest quality and freshness.


Our brewers have developed this Premium Craft Lager with deep pride and tradition as a tribute to Western Pennsylvania…where we live with pride and strength in our heritage.


  Black and Gold Brewing Company  -  Pittsburgh PA - Made in the U.S.A.  -  ABV 4.5%